The Green Bay Packers

Four simple words: “Photo by Vernon Biever.” Fans of the Green Bay Packers came to know those words well. From 1946 – 2008, Vernon Biever was the Green Bay Packers’ official photographer. Throughout the decades, Biever took some of the most recognizable photographs of the greatest players, teams, and moments in team history. In 2002, the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame inducted Biever as a contributor to the franchise. Longtime Packers quarterback and Head Coach Bart Starr nominated Biever for the Hall of Fame, claiming “you wouldn’t have a Packers Hall of Fame without Vern Biever.” Although Vernon passed away in 2010, his photos and legacy live on. 

Super Bowl

Vernon Biever’s longevity and talents photographing pro football led to his membership into the “Super Bowl Club.” This special club is comprised of members of the media and NFL employees who attended each Super Bowl. Vernon Biever was able to photograph the first 35 Super Bowls, capturing many great moments from one of the seminal events in sports. Vernon’s son John, who is also a member of the club, is now the only photographer to be at all 55 Super Bowls.